How to choose a commercial building contractor in London

Choosing a commercial builder may feel like an overwhelming task to any Business Owner, Surveyor or Building Manager.

Your planned project is an investment that will bring substantial returns to you over time, and with so much at stake, the experience of your builder should be a top priority for you. Today’s permitting and environmental processes are not for the weak, and poor coordination can break a project before it gets off the ground.

A professional commercial contractor who can coordinate the process with your chartered surveyor or architect will alleviate a lot of headaches for you and create a project that transition’s smoothly from your vision to your completed structure.

There are a number of things you should consider: the reputation of the firm, their past history, financial records and pricing. These particular items are very important when choosing a commercial general contractor.

Depending on the project that they will be taking on, the contractor should have a history in that field. If they are constructing an office building, redesigning an internal space etc having a track record in these areas will help you build your trust in their work.  Make sure you ask for examples of previous work carried out and get the contractor to talk to you about these projects.

Most importantly, knowing exactly what the plan is for your project will help you get the right commercial general contractor. When you know what you need you can scope the project and the level of service and quality you want. You never want to select a contractor based on their price if you want a quality level of service and work done for your building project.

Once you receive the cost estimate from your contractor, evaluate all aspects of the bid, including the scope of work, warranties, references, time frames and price. Be sure the bid covers everything you want. This will help avoid misunderstandings and cost overruns.

While the law provides some protection from fraudulent or incompetent contractors, it doesn’t guarantee perfect performance. Be informed and be cautious. After all, your financial investment is at stake. Ask for references and call those references. Look over previous projects the builder has done.

Attention to detail and the ability to see the whole project from beginning to end are important factors clients should consider in a builder. Choose a builder that will supply the best quality materials and workers, and has a reputation for excellence in your area.

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